Supply Chain Platform

User Research + UX + UI

Rethinking how we visualize the supply chain process to make it more understandable

Collaborating to understand the user's needs

The process began with collaborative efforts involving a product manager, CTO, lead developer, and myself, conducting a team-wide heuristic analysis of the site to identify its issues. Feedback from this analysis was then organized and compared to our business KPIs, with input from all stakeholders, prioritizing the areas that needed improvement. The goal, jointly established with the product manager, CTO, and lead developer, was to enhance onboarding, product creation, and sampling processes to convert more customers and increase production orders. This data-driven approach, driven by collaboration across the team, resulted in a streamlined and optimized user experience.

Letting the ideas flow

During the ideation phase of the supply chain platform project, I collaborated with the team to brainstorm and explore potential solutions to increase efficiency. By creating rough wireframes and testing various design concepts and interactions, we identified key features and functionalities that would add value and enhance the user experience. Through iterative design, ideas were refined through rough wireframes until we arrived at a final solution that met the needs of our users and improved the platform's efficiency.

Final design

Ultimately the final design made it easy for users to understand the necessary steps to move forward with the production process. This was accomplished by implementing a highly visible navigation and providing users with the ability to view all of their products. Emphasis was placed on the importance of clear messaging throughout the site. To ensure this, I collaborated with a UX writer to create a seamless experience from onboarding to the sampling process, where users always knew what to expect next.

Following the launch, we continued to monitor user feedback and made necessary design adjustments to enhance the overall user experience.

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