Social Media App


Designing a new form of social media that integrates a personalized marketplace for users

The Problem

I worked with VOICED Media to create their new app that would add value for users allowing them to advertise their platforms but also to facilitate product sales directly from VOICED Market. Working closely with the product manager and lead developer, we devised a comprehensive strategy to transform the vision into a reality. One of the paramount considerations throughout the development of the app was ensuring that the newly introduced marketplace elements seamlessly integrated into the existing content on the social media platform. Recognizing the importance of maintaining a cohesive and intuitive user experience, we approached the integration process with careful consideration for design aesthetics, functionality, and user engagement.

Adding Marketplace Elements

In our quest to create a truly user-centric experience within the app, we recognized the importance of empowering users with control over their content analytics and providing personalized product recommendations seamlessly integrated into their newsfeed. Through strategic implementation, we aimed to offer users unparalleled insights into their content performance while enhancing their shopping experience with tailored product suggestions from VOICED Market.

Collaborating with Developers

In our joint endeavor to craft a flawless user experience, the collaboration between the lead developer and myself was instrumental in mapping out every conceivable state for each flow and fine-tuning the UI components to ensure consistent representation across all screen sizes. Drawing upon responsive design principles, we conducted thorough assessments of the app's layout, typography, and visual elements to identify areas for improvement. By implementing strategic UI tweaks and adjustments, we ensured that every UI component would be properly represented and visually compelling across all devices.

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