Luxury Real-Estate Website

Design System + UX + UI

Creating a new luxury real estate website that revolutionizes the way users buy properties

Revising the design system

I created a design system that includes a comprehensive set of guidelines, components, and patterns that were developed through research and collaboration with stakeholders. The resulting system not only simplifies design workflows but also improves the overall user experience, leading to increased user satisfaction and engagement.

Uncovering a cohesive flow

To kick off this project, I met with stakeholders to identify the unique aspects of the selling process that differentiate it from other real estate websites in the market. The goal was to highlight these differences while ensuring that they were easily understandable to users who may be new to the unique bidding process.

With this understanding in place, I moved on to the wireframing phase, where I created a new flow and incorporated specific platform features onto each page. Collaboration with developers was crucial during this stage, as we needed to ensure that the technical capabilities were aligned with our design vision.

The final product

The last phase of the design process involved creating development-ready mockups with a high level of detail to ensure full alignment with the development team. Clear communication once again played a crucial role in this phase to ensure that every screen and state was included in the final mockups and ready for the developers to execute. After launching the website, our team diligently monitored user feedback and made necessary changes to improve the overall usability of the platform.

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